Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sweater Season

I'm still mystified as to how the summer has gone by so quickly and it is already September. On the one hand, I'm a little sad about it because I hate that it's getting darker earlier (and lighter later), but on the other hand, I'm excited for fall, my favorite season. I really do not care for the heat, so I look forward to those beautiful autumn days when there's a hint of a chill in the air but the sun is still warm -- perfect sweater weather.

My LYS' summer contest ends this weekend and I have one more yarn to finish up tonight/tomorrow, so my evenings of spinning are soon to come to and end. I will still be doing some, of course, but not to the exclusion of my knitting -- which is a good thing, because my sweater mojo is coming back in a big way.

My first order of business is finishing up my Essential Cardigan, which has been on the needles for more than four months -- and for at least the last two there's been only the button band to finish. I dug it out last weekend and put in some time on it on Saturday and then again last night at knit night, and as a result I have only about two more inches to knit. Unfortunately, that sounds like a lot less work than it actually is, because a row takes me a good 15-20 minutes (the band goes up one side, around the neck, and down the other side, and ever other row is 1x1 ribbing). Once my focus is no longer on spinning all the time, though, I think I should be able to finish it up relatively quickly and have it ready to wear once it starts getting cooler.

I already have my next projects ready to go once it's done, too. I received a Knit Picks order earlier this week with the supplies.

On top is the kit for the Corrie Vest for me, and underneath is a bunch of Swish worsted in Eggplant to make a Roo for Rainbow. I swatched today and am looking forward to casting on!


  1. I am also dismayed that the year has flown by and that it's getting dark so much earlier. Dark at 8:15? I disapprove.

  2. Sadly, it is 905 degrees today.

  3. Oooh I love both of those projects! I really want to make the vest, but I've never done fair isle before and am trying to focus on knits for my son and daughter right now. I've considered buying it to make next year, though :)

    And I can't wait to read how Roo goes for you. I've been loving that for a while now, but keep thinking it's so big I'd never finish in time for it to fit!

    Yay for fun knitting projects :)

  4. It boggles my mind that it's September already. Fall is my favorite season too, but I feel like I blinked and missed my summer. Not to mention that I barely got anything on my "summer list" finished thanks to the disruption of the renovation. Worth it, but frustrating nontheless.