Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spinning a Mutant

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Colleen came over to spin for an afternoon. I decided to get out my long-neglected Lendrum and the March shipment from the Crown Mountain Farms fiber club.

CMF CVM/Romeldale Top

This fiber was CVM/Romeldale top in a colorway called Tiamat. CVM stands for California Variegated Mutant; it's an American breed of sheep known for its wide variety of color patterns in its fleece. Other than a tiny sample I used in a spinning class a couple of years ago, this was my first time really spinning this breed, and I quite enjoyed it. It's a very spongy, elastic wool, and the finished yarn has a lot of spring in it. I split my fiber up for a traditional three ply.

The finished yarn is roughly sport weight and approximately 252 yards. There's lots of elasticity in this skein -- I can stretch it out several inches in each direction!

There's one more spinning goal before the Tour de Fleece: finishing the mystery wool for my friend. I'm hoping to get the second bobbin done today!


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Beautiful handspun!

  2. Well, that's the prettiest mutant I've ever seen...