Sunday, July 05, 2015

Off and Spinning

It's really a wonderful thing when a crafting event starts on a holiday weekend. This year, the Tour de Fleece started on the Fourth of July, a day when we were home and it was totally acceptable to be sitting around all day spinning. While I didn't spend all day at the wheel, I did spend a good several hours. Rainbow slept over at my parents' on Friday night, so we had a quiet morning at home before she came back. I managed to start and finish the second bobbin of my Fat Cat Knits Polwarth/black alpaca singles:

I started plying last night, though a bit too late to get it all done. I took care of the rest this afternoon, and here's how it looked freshly plied and wound onto the bobbin:

I've just skeined it up and it's now soaking in a hot bath. By tomorrow, I should have final weight and yardage.

Meanwhile, as I was waiting for the singles to rest before I could ply, I started my next yarn. This is superwash Targhee (something I've never spun) from Fat Cat Knits in a special TdF colorway called Sapphire Cove. I don't seem to have managed to snap a photo of it on its own before I started spinning, unfortunately -- too excited to start spinning, I suppose! I split the top into thirds and am spinning it fine for a three-ply fingering weight.

There's a fair amount of white in this fiber, which makes really interesting things happen when you're drafting. I'm sure the finished yarn is going to end up looking nothing like the dyed fiber, but frankly that's one of my favorite things about spinning: It's always a bit of a surprise!

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