Sunday, July 12, 2015

Short & Sweet

I'm going to keep tonight's post very short and to the point because frankly I'm exhausted from a weekend away (from which I got back less than two hours ago). I was away from my spinning wheels, too, so not much progress has been made on my Tour de Fleece spinning in the past 48 hours. I did spend some time with my Lendrum on Friday night, and I'm moving along on bobbin number two of my Fat Cat Knits superwash Targhee.

I'm hoping to spend a bit more time on this bobbin this evening, provided I can keep my eyes open. Once it's done, I plan on spinning the second bobbin of my Southern Cross Fibre superwash merino.

I do have a finished skein to show from earlier in the week, a skein that ended up taking a lot longer than I'd anticipated. You saw it on the bobbin last week. Unfortunately, after it was washed and dried, I discovered that I'd put too much twist in it, so on Monday evening, I wound it into a center-pull ball, attached the end to my miniSpinner, and ran it back through the wheel quickly to take out some of the excess twist. Then I washed and soaked it again.

This is Fat Cat Knits Polwarth/black Alpaca -- it was my last Transformations theme club shipment. After the plying do-over and reskeining, it ended up being approximately DK weight and roughly 265 yards. It's pretty darn squooshy, too!


  1. I love the colors in that last Fat Cats shipment-it looks like so much fun :) Glad to hear it's pretty squooshy, too!

  2. Hmm blues! It's so hot here that right now I am all about the cool colors!