Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yellow Jersey Day

Today marks the end of the Tour de Fleece, and while I didn't spin everything I'd set aside for the Tour (there's about 8 oz. untouched plus another 4 oz. that are in progess), I think I did well enough to earn a yellow jersey.

For one thing, I've finished two more skeins in the past three days -- the most recent one in just a day. On Thursday night, I plied the Shock and Awe singles. After washing, the yarn ended up being approximately DK weight (with a few thicker and a few thinner spots) and 194.5 yards.

The appearance of the finished yarn was a bit of a surprise -- I really thought the hot pink would be more prominent. But I love the tweedy effect from the blending of the colors.

On a bit of a whim, I decided yesterday afternoon to start spinning my other Fat Cat Knits blended top in Ice Princess (this one had a bit of sparkle in it). I knew how long it had taken me to spin and ply the first skein, so I figured if I could spin one bobbin in the afternoon and another after putting Rainbow to bed, I'd have plenty of time to ply today. As it turned out, I was right.

This photo is prebath -- the skein is soaking now, and I expect it will puff up a bit after the finishing process. I think this skein is a bit shorter than the first one, but they should be a good match; the plan all along was to spin them up more or less the same and use them together in something for Rainbow.

All in all, I spun up five skeins during the Tour, for a total of 21 ounces and more than 1,137 yards, plus whatever this last skein ends up being. I think I've probably spun more in years past, but given how busy the past few weeks have been, I'm calling this Tour a victory.

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  1. Both skeins are lovely, but I'm a total sucker for sparkle, so i really covet Ice Princess. You spinning and plying are beautifully consistent. I'm just a wee bit jealous. :-)