Thursday, September 15, 2016

And Moving On

After all the excitement of launching the Stitchburgh collection earlier this week and a truly crazy day at work yesterday, things seem unusually calm -- so much so that I'm starting to worry I've forgotten something.

To get caught up, first I have to show you the socks I finally finished last week. These aren't terribly exciting (they are just plain vanilla stockinette socks, after all), but they are handspun, so I suppose that makes them a bit special.

Photo credit: Rainbow

Pattern: my basic stockinette sock recipe, with 3x2 ribbed cuff, heel flap, and wide toe
Yarn: handspun BFL from FatCatKnits
Needles: US 0 (2.0 mm) Addi Sock Rockets
Started/Completed: July 16/September 8

I have no excuse for a pair of plain socks taking nearly two months from start to finish, but I suppose I was keeping busy with other projects in the interim and these socks, as they didn't have a specific deadline, were repeatedly pushed to the back burner. It has just started to feel a bit like fall (at least in the early morning and evening), so I will look forward to getting to wear these for real soon.

Once the socks were done, I found myself with no active projects on the needles (shocking, isn't it?), so that meant it was finally time to cast on for the final collection sample. I am quite pleased with how this one is knitting up so far.

This is another one of those cowls knit in the round and then grafted (apparently I've developed quite a penchant for them in the past year), and I'm using two skeins of Fibernymph Dye Works Bounce in Soft Black and Pop Art. The first colorwork section is done and I'm quickly coming up on the second (I've planned three total). It clearly needs some good blocking to help it even out, but I'm really tickled by the effect of using the self-striping colorway as my contrast color. Perhaps you can even guess where the inspiration for this piece came from?

I'm in a bit of a hurry to get this piece done, and not just because I want to wrap up the work on the collection. A certain small person who lives with me has been asking again when I will be knitting her school sweater, and as she's been wearing a sweatshirt in the morning all week, it's probably high time I get started. I do want to make sure that the design project doesn't languish, however, so I'll likely wait until it's actually done before I cast on, but I think it would be fine to wind some yarn this weekend.

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  1. My first guess on inspiration is Phipps Conservatory. But there are the beautiful cherry blossoms around town in Spring... I can't wait to find out the answer!