Sunday, September 25, 2016

I Should Do That More Often

I haven't done much spinning this week, so I don't have anything much different to show you as far as what's on the bobbin. I'll be doing my best to finish up that spin this week so I can be ready for the start of Spinzilla next week.

Last Sunday, however, I went over to the Steel City Fiber Collective for a Spinzilla sign-up party and took advantage of their fiber bar. I selected several colors of dyed fiber and threw in some nylon sparkle, then drum carded it on their drum carder. The result was this gorgeous floofy batt that I can't wait to spin up:

I haven't spun from batts very much, but I always enjoy it when I do, so I really should do it more often. The funny thing is that I own a drum carder and have hardly used it. I don't tend to have any fiber scraps (anything that doesn't get spun when I'm spinning is either VM or nepps), so I haven't really had much to experiment with. But I do have a fair amount of undyed fiber thanks to a friend unloading some stash on me before she moved, so I think Rainbow and I might try a little food coloring or Kool Aid dyeing and then I can card it up. I might just have a new obsession!

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