Thursday, September 08, 2016

Wrapping Things Up

I've been feeling like I've been coming to a period of closure in my knitting life the past few days. Part of it has to do with the fact that this is my LYS's last week in business (the last day is Saturday, sob!), but I've also been winding down with projects. For one thing, the handspun socks that have inexplicably been in progress for nearly two months are just about finished (and will be finished in due course tonight).

I'm quite happy with these, as simple as they are, and I'm looking forward to wearing them whenever the weather finally decides to be more seasonal (it was super hot and humid today).

I'm also nearing the end of the primary work on my pattern collection; I cast on for the final sample last night. It's not much to look at just yet, but I didn't have much time to work on it yesterday. Now that it will become my primary project, I expect it will grow much more quickly.

My original self-imposed goal for this collection was to have all the samples knit by the end of the summer. Technically I still have about two more weeks until the end of summer (astronomical summer, anyway), so I think I can still make that goal. I am hoping to convince the Mister to do a photo shoot this weekend for the samples that are finished, so the first pattern in the collection could be ready to publish as early as next week. If I can manage that, I should be on schedule to release a pattern pretty much every other week through the end of the year.

Once this project is off the needles, I already have my next one lined up. Rainbow has been asking me repeatedly when I will start her new school sweater -- she doesn't seem to be taking into consideration the fact that it's been way too warm thus far in the school year to even think about needing a sweater -- and I told her it will be the next project I cast on. I am looking forward to that, actually, and I'm also getting ready to cast on a sweater for myself. There are a couple of options as far as my sweater is concerned, so I'll have to make a decision one or another pretty soon. There will be some more design work to be done, but I've given myself permission to take it easy the rest of the year after all the work that's gone into the collection. Of course, knowing how things tend to go, I'm sure that's when I'll be struck with tons of inspiration and want to cast on All The Things.

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  1. I love the colors here. Can't wait to see the entire collection (and all your hard work!)