Sunday, December 11, 2016

A New Favorite

The number of spinning days I have left this year are quickly diminishing, so I'm trying to finish projects up. I'll be ending 2016 with one less FatCatKnits club shipment left to be spun, as I finished up the second skein of the lobster-inspired Rambouillet earlier this week.

As with the first skein, this colorway (Gamma) was spun into a three-ply fingering weight, and the skein dramatically shrunk after finishing (though you can stretch the skein quite a bit). There's a bit more yardage in this skein than the first -- nearly 239 as compared to 191 -- and I'll readily admit that this one is my favorite of the two. Here they are together:

I don't think there's enough contrast between the two skeins to use them together in colorwork as I originally intended, but I think they are destined to be used together somehow. And they've taught me that I absolutely love this breed and must spin some more of it soon!

Meanwhile, I've been trying to finish up the All Spun Up merino that I started spinning last week. I finished up the second bobbin of singles yesterday, and today I started plying.

I think the finished yarn will be somewhere in the neighborhood of sport to DK, and I'd say I'm about halfway done (I snapped this photo early on in the plying while there was still some natural light). I would have a finished skein except for the fact that I spent a good portion of the afternoon moving my stash from the "stash room" to the basement in preparation for a remodeling project we're doing in January. It was probably a good exercise because it forced me to see just how much yarn and fiber I actually have! Suffice it to say that 2017 is going to be a year of knitting and spinning from stash.

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