Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Life in Squares

Another day, another blanket square on the needles. I'm about four and half rounds away from the border on my fourth square, and I'm hopeful I'll be able to finish it tonight (provided Rainbow is cooperative at bedtime). While the squares are still taking longer than I think they will to finish, I've found that I am getting a little faster as I gain more experience with the pattern. I still need to refer to the chart, but usually now it's quick glances rather than prolonged stares. We've got a much quieter weekend ahead of us, and I'm planning to take advantage of that to fit in extra knitting time.

Rainbow's sweater has grown a bit in the past few days, and I've added in the fourth color on the body. I've been doing the transition from one color to the next purely by eyeballing the remaining yarn in the old color, and I nearly didn't make it on this most recent transition. In true illogical knitter fashion, I knit faster when I saw that I was running out of yarn. It ended up being enough, with a good amount left to weave in, but I was glad I didn't try to squeeze in a couple more rows before starting the transition rows.

I'm still debating just how long to make this sweater. The size I'm knitting is a good size or two larger than what Rainbow is wearing now, and she's on the small size (for both height and weight) for her age. I do want her to have room to grow, but I also don't want her to be swimming in the sweater. I have a feeling we're going to be doing a lot of trying on as I finish up the rest of the body.

My Arne & Carlos socks have grown a bit, thanks to Rainbow having some difficulty falling asleep (her new shtick is that she appears to be asleep but then jolts awake as soon as I try to leave the room, so I have to sit back down and wait for her to drift off again). I'm not in any rush to finish these, but all the same it's nice to come out of her room and see that I've added to the length.

This weekend I have plans to wind some of the yarn that arrived last week and perhaps cast on for a new design. What's on tap for your weekend?

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  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with for that yummy yarn!

    Weekend plans here: 1. cocktails (because drinking in week one of this insanity is a must!) and 2. knitting with some new CVM yarn - this is technically considered work, but it somehow does not feel like work at all!

    Have a great weekend!!