Friday, January 19, 2024

TGIF, Snow Day Edition

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a long week, and I'm happy to see the end of it -- and I'm even happier that it's a snow day for Mo (meaning I don't have to deal with the anxiety of driving to school in the snow) and that the Mister decided to drive home from his work trip late last night instead of this morning. He got into bed after 1 a.m. this morning, but I have coffee waiting for him when he gets up. I'm also happy that the school decided to close last night, so there was no anxious watching of the closures and delays this morning and Mo got to sleep in!

I am happy to report that I stayed very warm on Wednesday on my walk to the blood drive (layers and handknits for the win!) and that I successfully made my first donation of the year. My hemoglobin number was just fine; I think I probably stress about it more than I need to because I failed that test once, and knowing now that that can happen if your hands are cold, I suspect that I might have passed in that instance if I'd know to warm up my hands before testing. This particular donation might have been my fastest ever, too, as I filled my bag in 4 minutes and 46 seconds, proving that I'm doing an excellent job of staying well hydrated!

There's other good news to report today, and I'll let this photo tell you what it is:

It's drying this morning next to the radiator, but I should have some finished pictures and details to share with you on Monday!

Mo's Future City competition is tomorrow, and it will be a long day (she has to be there at 8, and if the team makes the top five, they'll be there through mid-afternoon). Luckily at their after-school work session yesterday, they made plans for today, anticipating the snow day. The model is already in the car of one of the teacher advisors, and the presenters will be getting together on Zoom later this morning to practice. They're feeling confident and excited, and I am looking forward to seeing them shine! Last year they came in second -- behind a team that had something like 40 students on it, which seems unfair -- and historically they have alternated first and second place, so this is the year to win it. Please keep your fingers crossed!

As for me, today I'm working as usual, though I'm sure I'll be taking breaks to shovel snow and will be trying to take care of some of the chores I usually do on Saturdays because we'll be out all day tomorrow. I'm also swatching for my next sweater. I will be back on Monday with all the updates. Until then, stay warm and enjoy!


  1. Sending all the best juju to Mo and her team in the Future City competition tomorrow! And enjoy your lovely snow day today. I love a good snow storm . . . when everyone I love is tucked in - safe and warm - at home. XO

  2. Sending all the winning juju to Mo and her team! It is a snow day here as well (Steve's work closed as well!) Stay warm and I can't wait to see that sweater!

  3. It is a delightful feeling to have your whole family safe and warm at home while the snow falls outside! I'll be thinking about Mo and her team tomorrow, hoping for the best, and looking forward to seeing Birch in all its glory!

  4. Happy snow day. Can’t wait to see that new sweater in action.

  5. Sending good vibes to Mo on her competition!

    The snow sure is pretty coming down, but it is wrecking my plans to meet up with Vera tomorrow. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  6. Glad you are ALL safe, warm and cozy at HOME! Hoping the roads are safe for travel tomorrow and sending all the winning juju to Mo and her team. As Dee mentioned, we most likely will not meet up tomorrow...I'm hoping all is ok for Fletch and me to get over to C&M's for dinner tomorrow night. Looking forward to the FINISHED Birch pictures!

  7. Good luck to Mo tomorrow! I remember your post about that competition from last year...and I agree--a team of ~40?! Hmm...

    So happy to see your 'Birch bath'. (What a cool picture!)

    Have a warm, safe weekend.

  8. Fingers crossed that Mo's competition went well. Have a good weekend and I'll look forward to the Monday updates.

  9. Sending good vibes for MO’s competition. I can’t wait to see your sweater and love what you are planning next. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm ☺️