Wednesday, February 22, 2006

3 of 5 done

Blanche-Neige is moving right along. I finished and blocked the Right Front last night, and then started in on sleeve #1 with a nearly new ball of yarn (leaving five full balls untouched). Here's the progress so far on the sleeve:

The patterning is a little more complicated on the sleeve as far as following the chart goes. Because of the increases on each end of the row, I'm actually having to follow stitches at the end of the row on the right-side rows. I don't know if that makes any sense, but let's just say there are lots of sticky notes involved (used to mark my place). I guess as long as I know what I'm doing, it doesn't matter if I can't articulate it very well.

In other news, I'm anxiously awaiting my shipment from Barnes & Noble containing this and this. I bought both with the gift card I got as a reward from the wonderful people at My Points. Basically the way it works is that they send you e-mails with offers from Web sites, and you earn points by clicking on links to those sites, taking advantage of the special offers, or even shopping through the site. Then you can redeem your points for all sorts of gift cards and other rewards. I usually use mine for B&N gift cards; I'm still waiting for them to offer yarn or gift cards to my LYS. ;-)

Finally, did anyone else see this in this week's TIME?

1 comment:

  1. SJ - OOOO the sweater looks awesome!!

    I did see the snippet in TIME.

    And I love MY POINTS!! Although I've chosen the Target and Starbucks gift cards thus far!! :)