Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blanche-Neige has cold feet

Now that the time crunch of the Olympics is over and I'm under no pressure to actually finish Blanche-Neige, of course I can only think of one thing: socks.

Socks have been my knitting obsession for the past couple of months, and other than the yarn purchased for Blanche-Neige, my only stash additions have been been of fingering weight. Tonight is no exception. I just placed a Knit Picks order for about 14 balls of sock yarn. Before you start thinking that I'm going to have a pair of socks for every day of the week, let me set the record straight -- not all of the socks I imagine I'm going to knit is for me. J has been wearing his socks around the house (apparently only on the days I'm not there), and has officially put in a request for more. So we spent some time over the weekend going through my new favorite knitting book, Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks, and picking out patterns. J really likes the Gentleman's Fancy Socks and Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock (although personally I don't think either is particularly manly and might make a pair of each for myself). He'll be getting one pair in gray and one pair in burgundy -- presumably to wear with his scarf. As for me, my heart is set on Child's First Sock, which of course will have to be lengthened to fit my freakishly long feet. Sigh! Such lovely socks! Such happy feet!

But now it's on to work on Blanche-Neige sleeve #2 and the Gilmore Girls. And hoping that J can get through on the phone in spite of the horrid cell phone reception he must be getting on the ski slopes at Vail.

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