Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Monday

This morning I woke up to a lovely surprise: my second migraine in as many months. Joy. I noticed my vision was going (my first symptom) while I was drying my hair, and by the time I was down to about 50% of my visual field I called in sick and crawled back into bed to try to sleep it off.

By mid-afternoon I was feeling well enough to sit up on the couch, watch "The English Patient," and finish whipping up this:

(Yes, I'm aware this isn't the most attractive picture. Keep in mind I've been in my pj's lying around all day, and the hat had just come off the needles.)

Pattern: Odessa by Grumperina
Yarn: JoAnn Sensations Bellezza Collection Dolcetto (54% wool, 24% nylon, 22% cotton) in color 4/Blue
Needles: Addi Turbo US 7 16" circs (ribbed band), Inox US 8 16" circs (hat), Pony US 8 dpns (finishing)
Mods: Obviously I omitted the beading. I tried to find the Rowan Cashsoft DK the pattern calls for, but was unsuccessful, so I decided to try using this yarn I had lying around from a trip to the closing JoAnn's. I also changed the needle size to account for the difference in yarn. Although the stitch definition isn't as good as the Rowan would be, this yarn is supersoft and makes a very cozy hat. It's a bit on the delicate/fuzzy side, so I didn't want to try the beads (I was afraid they'd shred up the yarn too much). My one complaint about this yarn is that it gives off a really odd smell when wet -- I know this'll sound crazy, but it kinda smells like smoked turkey! I have two more balls of this stuff (in pink and yellow), destined to be matching hats for my two awesome cousins in Chicago, who much admired my cabled cashmerino scarf last weekend.

Tonight the plan is to continue to lay low (so as not to incite the headache gods) and cast on for Blanche-Neige sleeve number two, the goal being to complete it by the end of the week. At this very moment, J is taking off (in a plane, that is) for a 3-day trip to Vail, so I'll have a lot of me time this week.

Congrats to those Olympic knitters -- including Jane and Jill -- who successfully completed their projects! Next time I'll know to pick a more realistic pattern.

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  1. Hi SJ! I just discovered your blog today and love reading all the comments. This is totally new to me. I discovered it via a December Post that came up when I was looking for directions for a sweater. I posted the following message there: "I'm working on the seamless yoked sweater (Carole Barenys' pattern)like the one shown here, but I'm confused at Row 19. It says to K but it seems like it should be P. I tried it both first purling and then knitting, but can't tell right side from wrong side! Seems when I P the decorative side is on the wrong side, but when I K the whole pattern looks onsided.....Help! Is row 19 really K? Rose" I also tried emailing you hoping you could tell me if the pattern is in error or if I've simply lost count and need to tear out my work. Thanks for any help! Rose