Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Two days and counting...

Like many other knitlympic "athletes" out there, I am just itching to start my Olympic project (and for the record, I have only 44 hours to go before I can start!). And even though I finished up my Jaywalkers on Monday, don't think that I've put down my needles since then!

This is the back and fronts of Trellis, which were completed sometime late last week. (I've started a sleeve as well, but haven't picked it up again since I've been so focused on finishing the socks.)

And speaking of socks, what have we here?

Well I'll be, that looks like another pair of Jaywalkers in a lovely stretchy wool/nylon/polyester yarn! ;-) The color is actually much darker than it appears in the picture -- the main color is a dark bluish purple, and the lighter spots are a limey green and aqua blue. I'm not afraid of knitting too tightly now, since I know the pattern will give me plenty of room, so these should fit a lot better than the first pair.

I have not picked up my Adamas shawl in over a week (and it'll be at least 2 1/2 weeks until I do again), but I'm thinking I'm going to have to frog again and start over -- again. I was pretty certain I was following the pattern correctly this time, but somehow wound up with a rather dense patch right in the center section, where it definitely shouldn't be. Guess I wasn't concentrating enough. Grr. But a big shout-out to the designer of the aforementioned Adamas shawl, who occasionally stops by this blog (Hi Miriam!).

Thanks to everyone who commented on this post; I really appreciate your concern. I'm happy to report that there have been no other fainting spells (thank goodness -- if I even say that I feel dizzy, J wants to rush me back to the ER!). It's nice to know that this little community of knitbloggers is so friendly, and I'm hoping that one day I'll get to meet you all in person!

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout out. Sorry it's giving you trouble. I hate having to frog stuff! Can you just rip back?