Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pieces of sweater completed: 1 (out of 5)

Balls of yarn left: 8

Yikes, could get scary down the line. I used a full three balls on the back, plus all of what was left of the ball I used to swatch, plus a few yards of a fifth ball. Luckily, the front pieces are about a third of the number of stitches in the back, so I'm hoping my yarn will go a lot farther than I think it will. Here is the back, yarn hog that she is:

She's blocking right now. Rather than give her a bath, I pinned her in place and sprayed her with water, because I'm afraid of blooming that will mess up my measurements. Right now the length is exactly right, and the overall fit appears to be good when held up to me.

I had a lovely time at a [smaller than usual] stitching meeting last night. Rita won the contest for the most exotic yarn -- she brought yarn spun nearly entirely out of dog fur! It was so soft and cuddly, but probably not adviseable for those with pet allergies. I can also attest to the fact that Jen is making progress on Tubey; she was in the process of picking up stitches for the body portion as we were stichin' and bitchin'.

This weekend we (J, my parents, my little brother, and I) are headed to the Midwest for a family party, and I'm taking Blanche-Neige with me. I did my homework and checked the TSA's permitted/prohibited list to make sure my needles were allowed (and for the record, Jen, I called Southwest today and they said they're ok!). Frankly if they weren't allowed, I would be questioning the intelligence of the security people. There's no way I can do the slightest bit of damage with my Addis!

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. J and I had a quiet evening at home. I made a delicious dinner (J's pronouncement, not mine) and then we sacked out on the couch. J did earn big points for romanticism: he showed up at my office during lunch -- he actually couldn't find me at first because I was with my knitting group on another floor -- and brought me a single red rose, along with this little cutie:

This is Gretel (she's the smaller furry one). I've been talking about wanting a daschund for a long time, so J decided to get me the perfect kind -- small, cute, and incredibly well behaved. She's also really easy to take care of, since she doesn't eat or need to be walked or have any accidents in the house. She's been very good at keeping me company while I knit and has been watching my progress with great interest -- hmm, maybe she wants a doggie sweater. (As you can see here, my company was really stimulating.)

Off to work on Left Front!

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