Monday, March 12, 2007

In the Home Stretch

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes and for your fiber pushing. I did indeed order myself some STR lightweight as a birthday gift for myself -- in colorways Lemongrass, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Lucy, and Ruby Slippers. I tried to pick out colorways that weren't too loud but were also a little outside of my normal palette. I did use my coupon from the first sock club shipment and, as I consider my birthday to be a special occasion (one that truly comes but once a year), this purchase falls entirely within the scope of The Rules and so does not count against the yarn diet.

We did have a lovely, busy weekend, although unfortunately J spent much of it on the phone or the computer. The plus side of this was that at least the two of us were in the same room for most of the weekend and, while he worked, I knit. I finished up the first sleeve to his Cambridge Jacket and started the second along with working on the first STR sock and starting another. I will finish the second sleeve tonight; depending on how long that takes, there may be some blocking action as well. (I think I've decided to block by pinning the pieces into place and giving them a good spritzing; I'd originally planned to wet block, but now I'm worried about the pieces stretching too much out of shape if I gave them a full bath.)

This evening I came home and discovered my latest My Points reward -- a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card -- waiting for me. I was impressed with how quickly it got to me, as I'd just redeemed the points last week. I already know what I'm going to get with it. Take a wild guess what it is. I have all that sock yarn coming to me and still a lot to work through in the stash -- it's only right that I get some new sock patterns to go with it!

This week it's back to the regular schedule -- normal work week, J is gone until Friday evening. We have plans to go to the hockey game(!) Friday night; perhaps I'll make like Lolly and take my knitting to the game.

P.S. You've heard the big news, right?


  1. I keep looking for that book, but I haven't been able to find it yet. I couldn't find "Sensational Knitted Socks" for a long time, either, so long that I was starting to wonder if it really existed!'

    Well, at least you'll be going to the hockey game knowing they're getting a new arena and staying in town. I'm not a hockey person, but at least if they're going to have to build a new building for concerts and whatnot anyway, why not keep the Penguins around?

  2. I have that book, and love it. I was considering getting little bunny foo foo because the name is so funny. Once I sang the little bunny foo foo song and my husband thought I was making up songs again. He had never heard of it. Hehe

  3. Happy slightly belated birthday! I'm turning twenty-ten this month, and I firmly believe in the Socks that Rock self-gift. Since I'll be ordering just after my birthday in order to get some medium-weight yarn, I figure it's also ok that I broke down and bought myself a ball winder and swift too. Hey, you only turn twenty-ten once, right?