Thursday, March 22, 2007

Of 40 Guys and Phallic Socks

Last night was of course the monthly meeting of the Hurricane Knitters (one of these days we will have a button) and we had a very good showing. I got there first and snagged a table in the center of the cafe so that we could all have a good vantage point from which to look out for you-know-who. Jenn and Amanda (with her fab-oo new haircut) soon showed up, followed by Betsy, Donna (fresh off her contest win), Jen, and Lori. Donna and I compared our February RSC socks and found them to equally resemble male genitalia; I'm sure someone has a picture of our socks somewhere and will shortly be posting it to her blog. We also petted each other's sock yarn, shared the newest additions to our knitting book libraries, and I did some show-and-tell with the surprise that was waiting for me when I got home yesterday:

Still life with Socks That Rock
(left to right: Lucy, Little Bunny Foo Foo,
Ruby Slippers, and Lemongrass)
All of us kept checking our watches and were getting more and more anxious, as 40 guy did not seem to be showing up. Then, just as we were starting to discuss what we would do if he didn't show (what would be blog about? could we still call ourselves the Hurricane Knitters?) -- well, he did. He performed his usual routine -- read a little graphic novel, muttered a little to himself -- and then took his 40 and went. And that was that.
Meanwhile, I've made good progress on my first RSC sock:

I plan on doing two more cable crosses and then binding off, probably using Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn bind-off so it doesn't cut off my circulation. I desperately want to start a new pair of socks or some other new project (can you believe I'm dying to cast on for another sweater as spring is finally arriving?), but I am determined to finish these socks first. I can do it, right?

BTW, did you see Guido and the other knitters on the Today show this morning?

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  1. LOVE the STR "bouquet". I am now coveting the Lemongrass and Ruby Slippers...but I am *really* trying not to buy any more yarn right now.