Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where did the weekend go?

I can't believe it's already Sunday night. We had a positively crazy weekend. J got in late on Friday night because of the weather, as a result of which we did not make it to the hockey game (although we did watch it on TV over dinner). Yesterday was spent running all over town, attempting -- unsuccessfully -- to apply for a passport and getting our taxes done. Today basically consisted of eating a late breakfast, doing two loads of laundry, and driving to the airport and back.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, however, I did manage to make a trip to the yarn store and the book store.

I had received a gift certificate to Knit One from some friends for my birthday and we were in the neighborhood on Saturday, so we made a quick stop. Since I was using a gift card, I decided to treat myself -- here's a skein of Colinette Jitterbug, a skein of Austermann Step in blue shades (socks for me this time!), and an orphan skein of Koigu that will make some anklets. The colors are way off in this photo; they're all gorgeous shades of blues, purples, and greens. The book in the background there is Stefanie Japel's latest, Fitted Knits. There are quite a few items I plan on knitting from this book already; most of the designs, like the designs we're all familiar with from her site and online magazines, are seamless top-down constructions. I've realized that I really suck at seaming together sweater pieces.

Speaking of seaming, I finally finished all the work on J's sweater save sewing in the zipper (which still needs to be purchased). I finished up the collar and the crocheted borders this morning, with just enough time for J to model it before he had to leave again for the airport:

We pinned it together so you can get the idea of how it will look. He's quite happy with it. I, on the other hand, am not very happy with how the sleeves turned out. Maybe one day I will figure out the maths required to change the sleeves.

Fortunately the back looks great. Especially with that cute little tushie. Sorry, did I just type that?


  1. The sweater looks great. And I am still in awe over how fast you seem to knit. I am knitting crazy like on my Monsoon socks so I can bring them Wednesday night. I really like the Austerman step. I am working with it making a pair of socks for my hubby. I would like to get some for me now. Darn yarn diet.

  2. I knit DH some socks with that very shade of Austermann and he loves it. Very soft! The sweater looks nice on J and I'm trying not to look at the cute little tushie!