Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sidney Crosby Enjoys Hand-Knit Socks

Last night J, the sock, and I (along with my dad and a friend of mine) headed downtown to the Igloo for the last regular-season Penguins game. A good time was had by all. Here are a few highlights of the evening.

The sock and the Pens warm up before the game.

We watch Sidney Crosby (#87) and Colby Armstrong (#20, who we decided looks like Tommy from the Rugrats) stretch. We're a bit disturbed that they're more flexible than we are.

Sid receives yet another award before the start of the game -- d'you think this guy is tired of hearing chants of "MVP" yet?

The sock celebrates a win -- Pens 2, Rangers 1!

And as of this morning, sock one is done and awaiting its mate. (See what I mean about crazy? Have you ever seen this much color on J's foot?)


  1. Home Ice for the playoffs! Woo-Hoo! Looks like you had some pretty good seats, too!

    The Ducks are having a great year out here, but nobody would ever know.

    Never would have guessed that that sock was for J. Awesome! :)

    Oh, and I have enabled my sickness. Made a KnitPicks order with DPNs and some sock yarn on Thursday. I am thinking I'm getting in way over my head! (major SABLE- stash acquisition beyond life expectancy)

  2. Nice socks! I just finished my husbands austerman step socks.

  3. Way to color up your mans feet! :)

    Can I ask... where did you get the bag you are holding here...

    Or better yet... if you made it... do you have some basic dimensions/instructions? I've got some old clothes sitting here that need to be recycled into funky sock bags me thinks! I've been browsing around but I haven't seen any like this one and I really want to make some that are like this... can hang off the wrist. :)

    Thanks! :)