Friday, April 06, 2007

Falling Off the Wagon

Looking for the baby sock pattern?

I didn't mention it the other night, but I had a moment of weakness and broke my so-called yarn diet. If you've ever bought anything from the yarn mecca that is WEBS, then surely you've received mailers and/or e-mails and/or have otherwise heard that they're having a big anniversary yarn sale. I've had a very weird urge to knit sweaters lately, and when I saw that their sale price on Cascade 220 -- believed by some to be The Perfect Yarn -- was a mere $4.89 a skein (sorry if I'm enabling anyone here), I almost immediately bought up two sweaters' worth. I justified these purchases by reminding myself that I got my tax refund only a few days ago and this yarn only cost about a fourth of what I got back. However, there will be no more buying of yarn (not with my own money, at least) in the near future, as I have to take in my car for its state inspection tomorrow and then we're off to pick up our wedding bands. These sweaters and all my sock yarn will have to be enough for a while!

The two sweaters I want to knit are both in Fitted Knits, which you'll remember I bought several weeks back. The first is the Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan:

And I'm planning to use Cascade 220 in color 7805, which seemed to be called Bright Pink when I made my purchase but is now listed as Flamingo Pink.

(As a side note, the yarn called for in this pattern is Knit Picks Merino Style, of which I have a sweater's worth in the stash, but it's destined for another sweater already. Which I really need to make one of these days.)

The other sweater is the reason I bought the book: the Elizabeth Bennett Cabled Cardigan.

Not only did the sweater appeal to me, it's named after one of my favorite literary characters -- how could I not knit it?! The yarn called for in the pattern is an agora blend, which I immediately nixed. I'm not allergic to angora (as far as I know), but I just don't like it. I think the Cascade 220 in colorway Lime Heather will make a very nice substitution.

The subtle blue-green flecks in this heathered shade should add some great color play to the texture of the cabling. I can't wait to knit this one up, even if it'll be a while before I can wear it. If the current weather trend (ahem, it's SNOWING outside!) continues, I will be perfectly happy to sit with a lapful of wool.

Tomorrow night: J's newest and most outrageous sock to date goes to the last Pens game of the regular season. Pictures to come.


  1. I love the color combinations you chose for the sweaters! I'm sure they will be beautiful - and why knit from stash when there are tons of yarns to buy?

  2. I can't wait to see what J considers an outrageous sock!

    I've been fighting the urge to splurge myself. I feel like I should be knitting spring and summer things, but I also want to keep it within the current Project Spectrum theme of pink, yellow and green. I'm spending tonight watching the Pirates lose and recycling a sweater I made last year to make something summery. It feels good to take apart something that makes me look so bad!

    At least you got a tax refund to buy yarn with, we owe, grrr. I just HAD to go and make more money last year, such is the life of a contractor.

  3. Really, you are just tempting me too much. I should stop reading your blog as it is going to cost me money!
    I had not heard about that particular book, and we will not talk about the money that Webs has gotten from me in the past.

    Outrageous sock? Bring it on, please!

  4. I got one of those flyers from WEBS and have been far!

  5. i got the webs flyer, too, though haven't read it yet. sounds dangerous!
    is that fitted knits book wonderful? i haven't looked at that yet, either. i'm curious.

  6. Well, don't forget you get one GET OUT OF JAIL purchase. Not sure if that means ONE purchase for ONE sweater or if it means ONE total purchase. If it is the former, can you return the yarn for the second sweater? The green yarn?