Wednesday, January 23, 2008

While The Mister Is Away ...

this knitter will play!

For the rest of the week, I'll be having a flashback to last winter, when The Mister was working out of town during the week. This time around, he's "working" with some guys from the office (if by working you mean hitting the slopes at Wisp), and while I certainly don't like not having him around, I'm making the best use of the time by surrounding myself with wool. First on the agenda is the third and final (for now, anyway) Baby Surprise Jacket, which is turning out to be the fastest one yet. I should have it done by tomorrow.

I managed to make it a mere four days without any socks on the needles after finishing the last pair. I've been trying to finish up projects already on the needles, but I found I needed a small, relatively mindless project for my lunch-hour knitting. Yesterday I cast on for a very plain pair using some Lang Jawoll I bought at Natural Stitches.

That mottling you see around the heel is from the reinforcement thread that I was too lazy to match up in terms of the stripes. This is the first time I've used reinforcement thread, and I'll be interested to see how it ends up affecting the wear of the sock.

The Mister will be back on Friday, and then bright and early Saturday we're headed up to Hidden Valley so he can do some more skiing and we both can spend some time with some friends who live out of town. I am the sole non-skier, so I'll be spending the day casting on for my aunt's sweater and watching some sports on TV. It will be so nice to knit something that not baby-sized for a change!

Finally this evening, I need you help and advice. Does this look like a good combination for a Chevron Scarf?


  1. It could be a good combo if you like stripes! I think it will be very stripey...

  2. So is the 3rd time the charm?

    I'm surprised your Mister hasn't requested that you learn to ski. I used to, but now with my health issues I can't. That sucks.

    I've never knit the Chevron Scarf so I don't know.., although usually the strangest combinations work the best. So ... it should work great.

  3. Ooh, that Lang Jawoll is neat, I've never seen it before. As far as the color combination, I've got no idea. I'm so helpful. ;)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that sock yarn!!! Well, now I know who to bug with questions if I ever want to knit a BSJ! :)

    Have fun not skiing. I keep secretly hoping that we'll get dumped on once this winter, although since I now work from home, it would not result in a day off.

  5. I'm curious about how reinforcing thread affects the feel of the sock - let us know what you think!'s hard to tell about that combo. It looks like they both have some yellow, which would tie them together. Maybe do up a little swatch and see how it looks?