Monday, August 10, 2009

Faster, Stronger ... Better?

I'm typing this on my not-so-new-but-improved laptop -- The Mister installed my new harddrive this weekend. Unfortunately things are not completely back to normal (the resolution isn't so great and I'm having some issues with iTunes), but it's a lot faster and I'm not getting scary error messages anymore.

The weekend was fairly uneventful and somewhat unproductive. Despite my best-laid plans, I did not finish my Fountain Pen Shawl. I am, however, into the edging chart, so several more hours of knitting time will see me to the end.

I did work on it for a couple hours on Saturday over at Natural Stitches, where I also went to visit with Yvonne and maybe do some shopping. I was successful on both counts.

First of all, I picked up some more Crystal Palace Merino 5, in a pretty green color called Lichen, to make Rainbow a Helena, inspired by Jess's version.

And for myself, I picked out this lovely shade of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece called Prosperous Plum to make myself a Mommy Snug (Ravelry link). As soon as the shawl is off the needles, I'll be pulling this out to swatch.

With any luck, the next time you see a post, there will be a finished shawl featured in it!


  1. I've never used cotton fleece. Well, I've never knit with anything from that company, actually. I'm sure Chris would approve of that shade of purple, though!

  2. Seeing Helena reminded me that the adult version of that sweater was just not as cute as the baby version. Something about it didn't translate well.

    I like Cotton Fleece and had some success putting it in the dryer, but one time I pulled it out of the dryer and it had fuzzed. The top and the sweater stone are never in the same place while I'm thinking of it, hopefully that will rescue the top.

  3. Since you are the Speed Knitting Queen, you will get lots of wear out of the Mommy Snug! Me? I'd probably finish it postpartum. :-)