Thursday, August 20, 2009

Purple Is the New Green

If the theme color for last year's projects was green, this year it's all about the purple.

For starters, there's my Mommy Snug, which I started at Natural Stitches last Saturday and on which I've been working diligently ever since.

While the 2x2 ribbing does get a little tedious, I'm really enjoying this sweater. The design is very clever, and I think it'll be a very flattering sweater when it's done. For starters, that ribbing is incredibly stretchy, so it'll hug my baby curves nicely. Also, you may not be able to see them very well, but there are four buttonholes on each side near the bottom, which will allow me to "let out" the sweater as the baby bump gets larger. The front piece is definitely the most complicated, so if I'm able to knock this out in a week, I'm hoping I'll have a finished sweater in a month to a month and a half -- which should be just in time for it to be cool enough to wear it.

What else is purple? Well, Rainbow's newest pair of socks:

I'm not sure what yarn this is; it came in the care package from Jess and didn't wind up making it into either of the purple blanket squares. Judging from the yarn base, I'm guessing it's either Koigu, Cherry Tree Hill, or Shibui Sock. Or I could be completely off. These are the usual pattern but modified to be a newborn size (size 0 needles and fewer rows on the heel flap and gusset).

Finally, while these aren't purple, they do have purple in them:

A pair of Saartje's Bootees (pdf) for Rainbow, knit with the yarn leftover from her hat, done but for sewing on the buttons. Amazingly, there's still some yarn leftover, so I'm doing a long strip of I-cord until it runs out and I'll use that for some embellishment on something or other one of these days.

On tap for tonight? Untangling some purple yarn and then getting back to the purple sweater.


  1. Adorable booties - love those saartje's its the most ingenious pattern ever.

  2. I'm impressed by all that 2x2 ribbing. Go Team Purple!

  3. I like the cables at the bottom...Can't wait to see the finished project!

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Those booties are adorable!
    At the rate you're going, you'll definitely have a finished sweater within a month. I can't wait to see that on you as your belly grows (you will show us pics, right?).

  5. cuteness times three! (when are you due???)

  6. None of the above. It's an indie dyer, Selah and it's her Whisper Sock.

    Very cute! Rainbow and I could have matching feet. ;)

  7. You are cruising on that sweater! Looking forward to seeing it finished and modeled on your cute bump. :)

  8. Baby knits, eeeeeee! I've been meaning to make some of those Saartje booties for some of the dozen people I know who've had babies this summer. It would be a great way to use up some of my sock yarn overs!