Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Complete Set

The Knit/Wit family is officially ready for its holiday foot portrait (just as soon as the last member joins us, that is).

I finished Rainbow's last pair of socks yesterday and was reminded again how much fun it is to knit baby socks, especially because I can finish a sock in a couple of hours.

These are the usual pattern, but sized down to be newborn socks (i.e., I used size 0/2 mm needles, did 12 rows rather than 20 on the heel flap, and thus did fewer gusset decrease rows). These are plain ribbing, to match the Mister's, and are likely to fit her when she's first born, unless she's born with extraordinarily long feet, in which case she'll go right to the cable twist socks. At any rate, we will all be toasty this December in our yummy Malabrigo socks. I even have a little bit of yarn leftover, so Rainbow may be getting a pair of matching thumbless mittens.

The baby knitting is continuing, so expect to see some more projects finished in the next week or so.


  1. Hooray - the socks look great!

    My word verification is "flatrows". Sounds like a knitting term, huh?

  2. Wonderful family socks. :)

  3. Socks look great! I haven't knit baby socks, but I know the baby sweaters I've done have flown. Yay, small projects!

  4. ya know...i'd TOTALLY do the same thing...make a family of socks. they look great! Lil rainbow will love them.

    did i miss something? is that the name of your lil one?

  5. Love them! When is Rainbow supposed to make her appearance?

  6. Eeeeee, family of socks, too. CUTE!

    I'm sorry, only dogs can hear me now.

  7. I would make some smart-ass comment about 2 pairs of baby socks, are you trying to tell us you're really having twins, but I don't want you to drive over here and slap me.


  8. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Oh my goodness - the picture of all the socks is just so sweet!