Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Chill in the Air

Well, it's official: Fall is here. We've turned on our heat and I've broken out the storage bag with all my handknit accessories. I even got out my Tangled Yoke Cardigan (which, fortuitously, has enough ease that it still fits, provided I don't button it all the way) to wear to work today. Unfortunately, it was hotter than Hades in my office, so it spent most of the day on the back of my chair where no one could admire it but me. At least it kept me warm on my walk to and from work.

Progress on Helena has been fast and easy -- I'm nearly done with the body portion -- so last night I decided to put it down for a while in favor of a little something for me. I had wound up a skein from an earlier Intention Yarns club shipment earlier in the week, and last night I cast on for a Koolhaas that I intend to keep for me. I made it through the ribbing and one full repeat of the yarn before I put it down for the night.

This yarn is a lovely, slightly fulled singles yarn spun of local wool and (I believe) solar dyed by Miss Violet. It has a look very similar to Malabrigo, although it's not quite as soft. The intention for this particular skein was Family, which seemed to me a very appropriate sentiment for the moment. Unfortunately, Family is rubbing off on my hands a bit and making me look a bit like a Smurf. A vinegar bath will be in store for this hat when it's done to avoid any potential Blue Forehead Syndrome.


  1. looks great so far - love koolhaus; fun pattern, fairly quick and looks impressive when you're done! Sorry you look like a smurp (that's how my 3 year old says it)

  2. It can't possibly be as bad as my SmurfKiller socks were! You know how much I love blue. I'm sure the hat will be great!

  3. I'm casting on for a Koolhaas tonight! It's a gift for a cousin, and my first try at the pattern.

    Smurf, hahah! If you see a guy in a black monk-like gown with big feet carrying a cat, make sure you run away!

  4. That's a very pretty blue, even if some of it is coming off on your hands!

  5. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I think a vinegar bath is definitely in order - you're much to young to have blue hair already!

    I'm just catching up on my blog reading and boy have you been busy! Everything is gorgeous, as usual. The baby blanket is beautiufl and must be incredibly soft; I love DIC Classy and that color green is awesome. Love the BSJ, too. Rainbow is going to be one very well dressed baby :-)