Monday, January 02, 2012

Romney 2012

Before you click away, let me assure you that this post is in no way political -- I'm not talking about that Romney, I'm talking about this one:

Specifically, this is the cleaned and carded fleece I bought at Maryland Sheep & Wool -- well, about 30 ounces of it, anyway. Although I'm starting a day late due to our late flight home last night (we didn't get in until after 9, and by the time I had unpacked, gotten Rainbow to bed, and sat down to eat dinner, it was 10:30, so I wasn't about to start in on the spinning then), I am once again doing a sheep to sweater project this year. You may recall that I did this last year with some mystery wool I had inherited. It wasn't the best fiber to spin or knit, and while I love the sweater it became, it's not my favorite to wear because it's on the scratchy side. This year, I have this lovely cream-colored Romney to work with, and I know itching won't be an issue because I spent a good 10 minutes with my bare arm submersed in the box of wool when it first arrived from the carding mill and was quite comfortable.

Although I'm more or less following the same guidelines as last year -- spin all my singles first, then mix them up to ply for consistency -- I am making one big change. Now that I have the miniSpinner with its WooLee Winder and bobbins, I can spin a lot faster and can do much larger skeins. Rather than spinning an ounce at a time, I'm spinning two ounces at a go, meaning that the finished three-ply skeins will be six ounces, more or less. I managed to do about an ounce a night last year on my Lendrum, so I think it's reasonable to think that I can do at least that much on the miniSpinner this year. I've already started the first ball of fiber and am loving it. Here's to a new year of spinning!


  1. I'll just bow down at your feet and say that I have 2 pounds of carded fawn colored BFL that needs to be spun and turned into a sweater, so you are a reminder that all things are possible!

  2. are you leaving it white or are you going to dye it? I have a pound of Cormo for a sweater. I hand cleaned and carded about 1/3 of it...I doubt it will ever be the sweater it should be.

    i think it was second cuts and so there are lots of's not that great..poo :(

    would be good for a scarf maybe. Anyways I am curious to see how this turns out

  3. i love projects like this. i can't wait to track your progress!

  4. Wow, I can't wait to watch this sweater come to life. And I do have to admit that I saw your post title and the picture of the fiber at the same time, so my first thought was a sheep. Wait, is that political too?