Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Diagnosis

As soon as I read the comments on my last post, I realized exactly what's wrong with me: I have a classic case of Startitis. It's not a condition I've suffered from much in the past, because I always tend to have multiple projects going and thus don't often feel a need to cast on something new and exciting (because usually one of my projects always fits the bill). I guess my current projects just aren't fulfilling enough, hence the desire to KNIT ALL THE THINGS.

The good news is that I'll be able to cast on for yet another sweater next Saturday, when the Fall for Tosh knitalong kicks off, but until then, I'm afraid it has to be all blanket, all the time (well, except for my lunch breaks, when I can work a bit on the Goodale).

We're getting into that time of year when the only good light to photograph things is during the day when I'm at work, so apologies for the flash photo, but at least you can get a good idea of how this is growing. I'm on the seventh stripe and the stitches are finally getting pretty comfortable on the 40" needle. The skeins of yarn are also starting to look slightly smaller, so I'm clearly making progress. The original intent was to knit until my yarn runs out, ideally completing a three-stripe sequence, so we'll see how far that gets me. The mom-to-be is at 39 weeks and counting, so I don't want this baby to have to wait for his blanket!

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Stripeyspots said...

I know that the light is running out, but don't you love this time of year? I wore my Ravi cardigan yesterday!