Sunday, September 23, 2012

Much Ado about Manx

I didn't touch my wheel at all last week because I was so busy working on the baby blanket, but yesterday afternoon, while the Mister took Rainbow out for a walk and little playground playing, I sat down to ply up what'd been sitting on my bobbins since the previous week. It started as 4 oz. of Manx Loaghtan fiber from Crown Mountain Farms (this was the August fiber club shipment) in a colorway called Cyclon or 3 of 4.

I decided to do a traditional three ply for this one, thinking it'd be good for mittens, perhaps with some cables, and I'd like a nice round yarn. The fiber itself was pretty enjoyable to spin; it's a very wooly wool, if that makes any sense, and spun very easily. It was on the rustic side without being too rough or kemp-y.

I'd expected the finished yarn to be in the sport/DK range (or so it looked when I pulled it off the wheel), but it poofed up nicely in the bath and bloomed to a worsted weight.

I love how the acid-y yellow got toned down a bit in the finished yarn, and my twist was tight enough for my taste while still being fairly well balanced after its bath. I ended up with about 163 yards.

This yarn is not next-to-skin soft, so a hat might not be a great idea, but I think this'll work very well as mittens. I have the feeling that the knit fabric will felt up with wear, so I won't have to worry too much about them being too delicate.


  1. Pretty colours. I feel that that yellowy green is everywhere I turn at the moment, and of course handspun gives that wonderful mottled effect.

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    The yarn is really lovely. I haven't tried a 3-ply yet, but seeing yours is inspiring me to give it a try.