Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I May Be Digging Myself a Hole

I think it must be the weather. It's been noticeably cooler the past several days, and ever since the change I've been flitting from one project to another. This is great for keeping me entertained, but it means I don't make much progress on any one project.

I did get in a little time on the baby blanket on Sunday night while I watched the first half (the good half, apparently) of the Steelers game. It's now on a 40" needle, somewhat stretched.

I really need to work on this because the baby is due any day now, but what can I say? Stockinette in the round is really easy but also really boring. I will say that I am being a good little knitter and weaving in my ends as I go, so there will be minimal finishing at the end, but these skeins of yarn don't seem to be getting smaller and the rounds are getting noticeably longer.

You'd would think that with this gift to finish and a laceweight sweater that's still a long way from being done, I'd focus on those projects for a while, but you'd be wrong. Last night I spent the evening plying some handspun (still not done), and today during my lunch break, I cast on for my handspun Goodale:

It doesn't look like much (because it isn't -- three measly rows!), but I did swatch twice for this sweater. I'm a little off because I think my yarn is a little thinner than a true sport weight, but I will make it work. I had one more stitch than I should (21 over 4") with size 6s and one less stitch than I should (19 over 4") with size 7s, but I decided to go with the smaller needles because I liked the fabric of the swatch a lot better and my row gauge was closer. I figure that even if the sweater comes out a tad on the small side, it won't be patently obvious because it has an open front.

Does anyone know what's wrong with me, why I want to cast on for everything and not work on any one thing? And is there a cure?


Stripeyspots said...

I think you need a vacation! Maybe a weekend away with the family? Meanwhile, I'm loving the baby blanket colours!

Joan said...

The official term for what you have is startitis, and if you find a cure please share it with me!

Megan said...

I get like this every Fall. I start thinking I'm going to knit gifts for everyone I know, plus 10 cowls and 5 sweaters for myself. Oh - and prayer shawls for every poor soul. The good news, however, is that it motivates me to get *some* stuff done. More than I'd do otherwise!