Sunday, October 06, 2013

Rainbow Sparkles

Spinzilla starts tomorrow, so the task for the past week was finishing up what was on the wheel. I'm really excited about this one because, well, look at all the color!

As a reminder, this started out as 4 oz. of 65% merino/35% nylon sparkle from Frabjous Fibers; the colorway was Trapeze, and all these colors do make me think of a circus.

I split the fiber for a fractal spin (in half lengthwise and then splitting one half in half again) and spun up two bobbins. I apparently didn't split my fiber very well, because I had a heck of a lot more left on the first bobbin when the second ran out. At that point, I wound off what was left onto a "storage bobbin" (read: empty TP tube) and finished the skein by plying from both ends. So it's not completely fractal, but at least I used every last bit of singles.

The finished yarn is about sport weight (a bit lighter than I was hoping for, but it'll do) and 320 yards.

Although it's really hard to capture in any of these photos, the yarn is nice and sparkly. Of course this is destined for Miss Rainbow, who has requested a new winter hat (I'm thinking something with a big sparkly pom pom on the top).

I'm all ready to start spinning for Spinzilla tomorrow (some of us have to work in the morning and can't stay up until midnight to start!). I've weighed out the remains of my Romney fleece in 2 oz. portions. The first pound is here (and there's about 5+ more ounces left).

I'm planning on working on my long draw and hope to spin a three-ply worsted or DK with which to knit Rainbow a sweater. I'm thankful that this event is only a week long, because I'm not sure how long I can stand to spin this plain cream-colored fiber again!


  1. That handspun is absolutely gorgeous!! Have fun with Spinzilla this week!

  2. pretty! love those colors.