Thursday, October 10, 2013


We've reached day four of Spinzilla, and I have a trio of full bobbins (plus a fourth that's partially filled) to show for it.

The more I spin, the better I'm getting at my long draw. My singles are definitely getting more consistent, and I'm feeling a lot more confident in my technique. My shoulder, unfortunately, does not seem to be liking all the unusual attention and is a little sore. I'm not terribly concerned -- it just feels like a sore muscle, of the variety you'd get after a hard workout when you use muscles that you usually don't -- but it does mean that I have to be a little gentler to myself. Last night I spun a little more than usual because I stayed up to watch most of the Pirates game (I turned it off after the eighth inning and went to bed). I don't suppose it helped things any that I was a bit tense while spinning.

My shawl is not much further along than it was the last time you saw it. I had a working lunch yesterday, so the only knitting time I got in yesterday was a row and a half while dinner was cooking last night. To be honest, it made me a little twitchy to have so little time with needles in my hands. I know I've done it for the Tour de Fleece, but with work being busy and the street being a mess, there's clearly some extra stress that I could use my knitting to help work out.

This weekend is a long weekend for me (Rainbow's preschool is closed on Monday, so I'll be staying home with her), which I'm hoping will allow some time for true relaxation -- especially because we'll be traveling all next weekend. I suppose the good thing about crazy times like these is that the days and weeks go by quickly and it will be time for the Thanksgiving and winter breaks before I know it!

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