Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Quickie

We are just back from a quick trip to Virginia for a wedding (10 hours in the car = lots of knitting), so this will be a short post. I promise it will be pretty, though!

I have not done much spinning in the past week due to my crazy Mad May projects (there's a reason it's called "mad"!), but last Sunday I did start spinning up the Gale's Art BFL I brought home from MDSW into a three-ply fingering. That means fine singles.

I pretty much just split the top into thirds, so the colors will be totally random in how they come together.

I also experimented a bit with one of the Gourmet Stash punis. The pink batch had 27 in the pack, so I figured one could be sacrificed to play with on my support spindle.

Unfortunately my support spindling skills still leave much to be desired and I made a bit of a mess out of it. I think the punis are a bit too compacted to do a decent long draw, so I might to have hand-card some fiber and get some more practice with the technique. The remainder of the punis, however, will be spun on my Bosworth mini.

Once the BFL is off the wheel, I have the next thing lined up and ready to go -- my May Fat Cat Knits Mixed Blessings shipment, which arrived on Friday. I'm absolutely in love with this month's duo.

The two colorways are called Vintage and Retro Chic, and they're both very similar. The Vintage is more autumnal, going from brown to red to gold. The Retro Chic, on the other hand, is more springlike, going from a plummy purple to a pinky red to apricot to pale yellow.

I already know how I am going to spin this -- from end to end and then chain plied (each braid separately, of course). When I'm done, I'll knit them together, starting at the light end of one skein and the dark end of the other. I'm thinking these would be perfect for colorwork or perhaps two-color brioche. The fiber is polwarth (my favorite!), so it's going to be soft, poofy yarn. I can't wait to spin it!

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  1. You're right about those colours. Absolutely gorgeous. And I have a fondness for Polwarth too. Such a squishy yarn.