Sunday, May 04, 2014

Back to Normal

And I'm back from Maryland Sheep and Wool. It was a great trip (that went all too quickly), and I got some great stuff, but the post on that will come in a bit. I'm rushing to get everything I need to do done before it's time to go to bed, so for tonight, I have just a quick post about the skein of handspun I finished up just before leaving.

This skein was spun from the lighter portion of the Jacob fiber I bought in the big bundle of it at MDSW last year. I spun this stuff to match the first skein for another three-ply worsted weight. This skein, however, turned out much shorter -- only about 125 yards compared to 191. I suspect that either the bundle of fiber might have weighed less than the 8 oz. it was marketed as (though I never weighed it to be sure); certainly there was more of the darker fiber in the bundle.

Regardless, I'm very pleased with how this skein turned out. It's round and rustic and squishy. I will have to find the perfect pattern to use both skeins (with, perhaps, the addition of some other natural colors).

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