Thursday, May 22, 2014

Neglected No More

My Window to My Soul didn't see much action last week in my urgency to finish up the shawl. Now, however, it's my sole focus until it's done. The goal was to finish it by the end of the month (when the Mad May knitalong officially ends), and things are looking good. In fact, I just might have it done by the end of the holiday weekend.

I finished binding off the body on Tuesday and promptly started the first sleeve. By the time I put it down last night, I had about half an inch of sleeve left to knit before I could start the sleeve ribbing. I really didn't have much time to work on it the past two evenings because I was out at a couple of events, so clearly the sleeve goes very quickly. I expect that I'll at least start on the second one tonight, meaning that all that will be left to do this weekend is to finish up that sleeve, do the button bands, and do the neckband. Oh, and there will be some ends to weave in and buttons to sew on, too, but those are the last-minute things that I don't really think about.

I will be very happy to have this off the needles in time to actually wear it. Our weather has been really weird lately, to the point that I'm in a t-shirt and shorts one day and wool socks the next. Overall, it's been cooler than average, though, so wearing a wool sweater (albeit one with short sleeves) is not an entirely ridiculous proposition.


Monica said...

Looking great! Love the yarn you are using.

lilirious said...

it's lovely! :)