Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wheel Deprived

The month of May has been one of traveling and trying to finish projects on a deadline, so there hasn't been as much spinning as usual. On Friday, though, I finished the first project (which you'll see soon enough), so I decided to observe my usual Friday night tradition of spinning. I was up on the late side, but I finished the first bobbin of singles.

This is Gale's Art BFL that I bought two weeks ago that I'm spinning into a three-ply fingering weight. As a reminder, here's what the fiber looked like before I started:

It will be a big surprise to see what the finished yarn looks like because I did absolutely no planning when I split up the fiber. I pretty much just untwisted it, folded it into thirds, and then broke it into three roughly equal pieces. I'm expecting that there will be some spots where the colors align but mostly just a mix of colors. This could come back to bite me -- I could end up with a brownish mess -- but these colors were just too bright for me to do straightforward stripes.

Now that one of my Mad May projects is done and the other is rapidly approaching being finished, I'm hopeful that my wheel will see a bit more attention and I can finish up this yarn. At the very least, I'm hoping I have a second bobbin to show you next Sunday!

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Stripeyspots said...

I"m feeling the same way. I miss my wheel. But knitting is so much easier to manage in small moments. So many wonderful crafts, so little time!