Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It Was Inevitable

On Saturday afternoon, I took Rainbow to my LYS with me. I usually spend a couple hours there every Saturday afternoon, knitting with the awesome ladies who work there, but I wanted her to come with me this time to pick out yarn for the sweater I want to knit for her. We also took along the needles I bought for her quite a bit ago when I first tried (unsuccessfully) to teach her how to knit, because I had a feeling she might be ready for it. It turns out I was right -- and I couldn't be prouder!

She still has a lot of practice to do, obviously, but she has the hang of it and remembers all the steps now. We are going to try to knit a row every night so that she doesn't forget how to do it, and I have a feeling she'll be raiding my stash before too long!

We did pick out yarn for her sweater while we were there -- to my surprise, she picked not purple or pink but blue! This is Cascade Heritage sock yarn (in the very descriptive colorway "Royal"), which I've knit with a lot before. It'll be nice to knit and should hold up well to any abuse she shows it.

I also picked up some yarn for a sweater for myself while we were there. A day or two before, the store had announced on its social media sources that it had received a shipment of a new yarn from Dream in Color, a fingering-weight singles yarn called Jilly. I knew I had to check it out in person, and when I saw it, I knew I had to take some home before people started buying individual skeins and there wasn't enough of a single colorway for a sweater.

This color is called Sangria, which I think is absolutely perfect. In real life, it's a bit darker than it looks here. These skeins will be used to knit an Airflow, which I'm hoping to cast on soon in order have another light sweater I can throw on to ward off the chill of air conditioning. (We'll just conveniently ignore the fact that I still have an unfinished sweater by the same designer.) The yarn reminds me a lot of tosh merino light, and it might actually be the same base. If it is, I know it will knit up into a soft, cozy fabric with a lot of drape.

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  1. This is so exciting. I hope my daughter knits when she is a little bit older. How fun to share this with your daughter!