Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Contrast in Colors

After waiting to do it for several months, I finally started spinning my second braid of Fat Cat Knits Boogaloo this week. I've spun up this colorway once before and split the top in thirds, resulting in a completely random yarn. This time around, I wanted stripes. After all, what's the point of spinning something with such vibrant colors if they get completely toned down?

For attempt number two, I split the top in half lengthwise and then split each half in half again. I'm spinning all four pieces, one after the other, in the same order onto one bobbin. When all the singles are spun, I will chain ply. If it all works out as I hope, I'll end up with stripes. I'm somewhere in the middle now, approaching the end of the second strip.

In sharp contrast to this vibrant fiber is my other spinning project, my Gourmet Stash punis. I've picked up my spindle a few times these week, and as a result, I'm nearly finished with the first half.

I've found that I can spin up a puni in just a few minutes, so if I take 10 or so minutes a night to spindle, I can actually get through these at a reasonable clip. I'll spend a bit more time on them this evening and try to work in a few minutes every day.

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lilirious said...

WOW! Those colors are amazing! Love to see how it turns out :)