Sunday, March 15, 2015

Crazy Colors and a Parcel from Far Far Away

I did a lot more knitting than spinning in the last week, but I did not forget about my Boogaloo spinning project. On Friday night, by an amazing stroke of luck, I found myself home alone (Rainbow was at a sleepover and the Mister was out meeting some friends for a drink). Naturally, I took advantage of the situation and spent pretty much the whole evening spinning, and as a result, I finished spinning all my singles. I started plying yesterday morning and finished up today.

Bright enough for you? I've skeined it up and it's currently soaking in the bathtub, so I probably won't know my final yardage until tomorrow or so, but it looks like it will be enough for some really bright socks.

I was a bit anxious to finish this up because after a long wait, a lovely package arrived at my door from Australia last week. Inside was this gorgeous fiber:

This is my very first shipment from the Southern Cross Fibre club. I had been on the waiting list so long for this fiber club that I'd forgotten all about it, but my name came up in the list earlier this year. This shipment (for February) is a yummy blend of 75% Bond wool/25% mulberry silk. The colorway is Lady Grey. I'm planning to spin this as a two ply, probably fairly light weight (anything with that much silk in it will probably want to be spun very fine). I was itching to start it as soon as it arrived, but I usually don't like to have more than one spinning project going at a time because it messes with my consistency. So now that Boogaloo is done, this will be going on the wheel next!

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Kat Riddell said...

That finished yarn looks delightful! It would definitely look amazing as socks :)