Sunday, March 01, 2015

Why Did I Wait So Long?

Once upon a time (or about five years ago), my favorite fiber pusher was very popular, and her shop updates would sell out very quickly. One very popular update was a series of color block braids, and I managed to snag two of them. Then, they sat in my stash -- they were just too precious to spin. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. I pulled one out, split it down the middle, spun up two bobbins of singles rather quickly, and then I plied.

My objective was to have two plies that more or less matched up in color, but I did not execute that plan quite as well as I hoped. The singles on the second bobbin were obviously a bit thicker than those on the first bobbin, so I ran out and had to wind off the remaining singles and ply from both ends of the resulting ball to finish the skein. Nevertheless, I am very happy with this yarn. It is soft and squishy and bouncy (I had to thwack it several times in the finishing process to distribute all that plying twist). It looks to be about sport weight, verging on DK in some spots, and roughly 227 yards. What will it be? I don't know yet -- but I do know that it won't be very long before I spin up the other color block braid!


  1. it's lovely! I'm curious to see the other braid ;)