Sunday, January 03, 2016

First New Yarn

I really missed spinning while we were away, so as soon as the necessary things (unpacking, cleaning, etc.) were done around the house after we got back yesterday afternoon, I sat down at my miniSpinner to ply of the bobbin of singles I finished just before we went away. I must have been really excited about spinning, because I managed to ply everything by the time I was ready to go to bed. That might seem like a lot of spinning, but using my miniSpinner with the WooLee Winder meant that it was actually less than about three hours' worth.

The finished skein is currently soaking in the bathtub, but here's what it looked like freshly plied (though bear in mind that the colors are a bit muted because it's a very dreary day here and the light was not so great when I took the photos):

On the bobbin
Skeined on the niddy noddy
This yarn is Corriedale from Southern Cross Fibre in a colorway called Splendour. I believe this was one of the October club colorways, and it's certainly very autumnal. I spun it into one of my "pseudo-self-striping" sock yarns, and unless it shrinks a ton in the wash (which I very much doubt), it should be plenty for a pair of socks.

Meanwhile, while we were away, two more club shipments arrived. First was the final installment of the FatCatKnits Famous Couples for this round, in Rhett and Scarlett (I'll bet you can tell which is which):

I ordered this round in BFL, and I'm thinking that I will do a traditional three ply with each color separately and then use the two resulting skeins for something striped or with stranded colorwork.

Also, in a minor fiber miracle, my SCF December shipment actually showed up in December! I can't be sure exactly when, but it was here yesterday before the mail came, so it had to have arrived by New Year's Eve at the very latest.

This should be a very interesting bit of fiber to spin: It's 80% merino and 20% rose fiber. It's soft and silky, and I think it should have good drape. The colorway David chose for me for this shipment is called Primordial.

Before I can tackle these two new arrivals, though, I have some fiber to spin for the Gradient-along I'm hosting in the Ravelry Spinning Knitters group. The idea is to spin a gradient yarn and then knit/crochet/weave it into a project. I'm going to be spinning some Bee Mice Elf Polwarth that I bought quite a while back.

I have a total of 8 oz., and I'll be joining them at the purples. My hope is that I'll have enough to knit a Hitofude Cardigan when I'm done.

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