Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Brights

I've finished my last skein of handspun for January, and it's a pretty one, if I do say so myself:

This is the result of spinning the lighter/brighter colors in my Day's End braid of Falkland from FatCatKnits. The fiber was 73 g to start with (from a total of 120 g) and split more or less in thirds. I did a traditional three ply spinning my default singles and ended up with a lovely fingering weight that's approximately 260 yards. The pictures here are doing a poor job of conveying just how bright some parts of this skein are -- the brightest green is very neon, almost like a highlighter.

I really did everything I could to use up every last bit of these singles. When the first bobbin ran out, I wound off what was left on the second bobbin so I could ply from both ends of it along with the singles coming from the third bobbin. When the second bobbin's singles were used up, I chain plied the bit that was left on the third bobbin. So the very end of the skein might not be that even, but I felt very resourceful.

The darker fiber is now on the wheel and should go a bit faster because I only have 47 g of it. Once that skein is done and I know my final yardage, I'll have to figure out what fun thing I can knit with this very colorful yarn!

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