Sunday, January 17, 2016

Spinning Variety

I have been dutifully spinning away on my Gradient-along project, though spinning fine singles means that even after hours at the wheel, it looks like little progress has been made. Still, I'm moving forward. I'm now well into the pink section of this braid, and purple (the final color in this braid) isn't far off.

It's not nearly so electric as it looks; gloom necessitates a flash.
This is such a big project that I decided I needed a little diversion. I've had a braid sitting next to my wheel for several months now -- I'd originally hoped to spin it during last year's Tour de Fleece, but I never got to it -- and I decided now was finally the time to spin it. This was a day's end braid of Falkland from FatCatKnits (meaning it used up the dye at the end of a day's dyeing) called Xavier. Here's what it looked like to start (it's the braid on the far right):

I decided to spin this a little differently, so I split the fiber up into lights (greens and blues) and darks (dark purples). Then I split each pile of fiber into thirds:

The idea is to spin a three-ply yarn of each and then use the two skeins in some sort of stranded colorwork project. I started with the lights, as that's the bigger portion of the fiber, and I got the first third spun up today (trust me it looks much better with real light):

It didn't take too long to spin, so this will be a nice break in between spinning sessions on the other project. And these bright greens and blues are so welcome on a gloomy winter day!

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  1. beautiful! I'm already looking forward to the knitting project haha <3