Thursday, October 19, 2006


Last night was just a total bust as far as knitting was concerned. Bear with me, this is going to be a rant.

Last night was, of course, the regular knitting night at B&N with the girls. I was already going to be a bit late, as J and I were meeting a friend for dinner. We were scheduled to meet sometime around 6:45, which was a little later than I would have liked on a knitting night, but that was the time the guys were available (J had a meeting right after work) and as the restaurant was literally down the road from B&N, I figured I'd eat quickly and only be a little late.

I got there first, as usual (some people are always late; I am perpetually early). I got a table and played games on my Palm Pilot for about 10 minutes until J arrived. We waited a bit for the friend, who we figured would be along soon. At about 7:10, when he still hadn't arrived, J decided to go outside (where there was cell reception) to call him. Turns out there'd been a slight mix-up: we were at Walnut Grove, in Aspinwall, and he was at Shady Grove in Shadyside. Oops. He said he'd leave and come meet us, so of course J said we wait for him -- mind you, in the best of traffic conditions, it's at least a 15-20 minute drive from one place to the other. And traffic was bad last night. To make a long story short, he finally got the restaurant at about five minutes to eight. Fortunately J had had the foresight to call him and find out what he wanted to eat so that we could at least put in an order, but by the time the food came I wasn't hungry and only ate about three bites. Then I felt like it would be antisocial so leave as soon as the friend arrived. So I stayed. And stayed. And finally left the restaurant at about quarter to nine.

How late was I in getting to knitting? Put it this way: 40 guy was already there and had already left his liquid refreshment on a table and gone off to find his reading material for the night. I stayed for about 20 minutes, just enough time to meet The MWP (hi again!), let the ladies pet my Soy Wool Stripes, and knit exactly one end triangle and one rectangle on Lady Eleanor. I really shouldn't have bothered. Sigh, such a let down.

On top of all this, I got home and got everything ready for today (clothes, coffee, etc.) and was in bed in plenty of time to watch the Project Runway finale. Or should I say Project Wrongway. Come on -- Jeffrey?! What are you people thinking?! I think I have lost all respect for Michael Kors. Pardon me for thinking that the winner should be someone who designed things that real people would actually wear -- I guess "real fashion" is all about "real ugly." Yuck. That is not how I wanted it to go and it totally made the night even worse.

Tonight must, MUST make up for the crappiness of last night. J will be home late because he has to go to some tech awards thing, so dinner will be for one and will involve a nice big glass of sauvignon blanc. Then it will be all about the navy socks and (hopefully!) their heels and another installment of McDreamyness.

Sorry for the decided lack of pictures in this post. I'm in a bit of a funk and nothing looks good enough to photograph right now anyway (do you really want another picture of those navy socks looking exactly the same as last time?). Starting next week I should be a more productive knitter, as I will having much more time on my own. J is starting a new role/project at work that will require being in Chicago every week for potentially the next six months. He'll be home on the weekends, and some weeks he'll only be gone two or three days, but most weekday evenings I'll be on my own, so the stash will have to keep me company. In yet another example of how well this man knows me and my knitting, I present a snippet of last night's conversation:

SJ: Just don't leave me alone too long -- because you know what happens when I'm by myself for too long.
J: You buy more yarn?
SJ: Yup.

Need I say what I did at lunch today? Let the stalking of the Knit Picks Web site commence!


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Hello Sockret Pal,
    At least you can J that not all the yarn you get while he is gone cost you any $$$. I'm working on your main package for the Oct/Nov now. :)

  2. Well, at least you got to show up, even if it was only 20 minutes, right?

    By the way, The MWP is happy that you used his chosen nickname!

    Also, if I find out that you're actually TALKING to the stash to keep you company, I'm going to be worried!