Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Somebody stop me!

Why is it that when I have a lot of projects on the needles, I can't stop myself from buying more yarn for more projects? Yesterday I couldn't resist the urge to order some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn -- hey, I've wanted to try it for a while, and I found it on sale. I couldn't not buy it, right? Then, of course, there's my most recent Knit Picks order, which seems to have once again been held hostage by the crazy kleptomaniac knitters in Leetsdale. According to the tracking on the Knit Picks Web site, it arrived there yesterday at 11 a.m. Doesn't appear to have moved since then, even though Leetsdale is less than an hour's drive away. I'm hoping for tomorrow (not that it matters anyway -- I won't get to the sweater the yarn's intended for for at least a couple of months!).

But enough with the negativity -- I made progress over the weekend! Especially on Sunday afternoon, which was as gloomy and depressing as you'd expect a fall Sunday afternoon to be. J wasn't feeling well, so he napped on the couch while I watched the Steelers game (that certainly didn't help me feel any less depressed!). Here's Lady Eleanor, who's approaching the end of her second skein of yarn:

And then there are the navy socks, whose heels have been successfully turned and whose gussets are complete! Now it's just the straight knitting (with patterning on the instep) for probably another 4-5 inches until I can start the toe. You'd think after getting this far, past the 10 1/2" leg especially, I'd be all gung-ho to finish up, but frankly I'm just bored. Hence the progress on Lady Eleanor.

Last night I swatched for my pumpkin pie socks, which will be my own design with the pumpkin and peach Jaeger Matchmaker from WEBS. They will hopefully be pretty darn close to knee socks, all depending on how long the pumpkin color lasts (it will be the main color, with contrasting toes, heels, and ribbed cuff). I may start them this weekend, when we're driving to Cleveland. I can't work on any of the holiday gifts, as we're going with both my parents and J's to meet and spend time with some of his cousins. (At least this will be a good opportunity to finally measure my father's feet!) I am also close to finishing my travel sock, which you haven't seen yet. They're in black and white Cascade Fixation; the first sock is done, the second sock is in the gussets.

I'm off to eat dinner (yay, tofu!) and get all the projects ready for Gilmore Girls. Ta.


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I love Gilmore Girls too! I'm glad I've been matched with someone with lots of similiar interests.
    - Sockret Pal

  2. CTH for $18.70!!! I sort of wish I hadn't clicked that link.

    You will love it, it's all nice and warm and sproingy.

  3. My sweater project enjoyed some Gilmore Girls knitting last night too! It sure was a blast! Cherry Tree Hill is on my top three list of sock yarns (which also includes Koigu and Lorna's). Enjoy it!