Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh happy day!

What's the best thing about getting home late, after dark, to an empty house?

Finding yarn waiting for you! Yes, that's right, the yarn kleptos in Leetsdale have been foiled again. They tried to mess with me by sitting on it for a full day, hoping I'd forget all about it, but they don't realize the mental powers of the knitter they were dealing with. I kept checking that darn tracking window all day, and today my yarnstalking was successful! Up front here you see the two hanks of Gloss (not really purple as they appear, but rather a wine red) for my Sockret Pal. The rest of this yarn is for me -- all Merino Style, 11 skeins in Hollyberry and three in Rhubarb, to make myself a Union Square Market Sweater (Kate Gilbert, fall '05 Interweave Knits). I fell in love with this sweater when I saw Mari's (whose blog, by the way, I discovered relatively recently and love, but she hasn't updated since mid-August! Why is that?) It's gonna be a while until I get to the knitting of this one, unfortunately.

Last night I spent the first half or so of Gilmore Girls trying my hand at making some stitch markers. Considering I'm no expert with the wire or the pliers, I think I did pretty well:

These are for my Sockret Pal (who hopefully isn't snooping around, or she'll ruin the surprise!). These are all made to fit up to a US 3 needle -- perhaps a bit large/heavy for sock knitting, but if you only use one to mark the beginning of the round, you should be okay. One of my coworkers moonlights as a jewelry designer, so I may ask her for some tips for better finishing before I make any more.

Tomorrow night I'll be getting home late again (my "little sister" from my college sorority is in town, so I'm taking her out to dinner), but if all goes well I'll come home to yarn yet again, this time my Cherry Tree Hill. I am so ready for the sproingy-ness (that's for you, Jenn).

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  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I'd be waiting impatiently for that yarn too. Gorgeous.

    Your stitchmarkers look great! I especially love the spiral one on the left.

    Hope you had a nice dinner out!