Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Quick Peek

I'm still sick (I think the cold has progressed to a sinus infection) and I'm developing an awful headache, so I'll make this quick -- just a quick peek at a couple of the WIPs:
That big gray square is the back to J's Cambridge Jacket, about two rows away from the beginning of the armhole shaping. Up top is the cuff of the sock I started this morning to kick of the start of Sock a Month 3. These are for J, too, hopefully to be completed in time to be his Valentine's Day gift. As almost always, it's the regular pattern I knit for him, the Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I think I could probably knit this sock in my sleep by now; I started that one this morning and have only spent about two hours on it, and you can see how much is done. Just wait until I get to the stockinette portion.

I know I'm just so full of sunshine tonight, so I'll call that a wrap. More when I'm feeling more cheerful and have something more to show you.

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  1. Yuck, I hope you feel better soon! At least this weekend is supposed to be cold, so you can stay in and knit, and make other people wait on you hand and foot!