Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Turbos, Indeed

I think these socks are officially going to be the Fastest Socks I Ever Knit.

Here's the first sock (completed yesterday evening) and a foot ready for gusset increases. What you don't see is that I haven't woven in the end from the first sock yet -- it's still attached to a tapestry needle and hidden under the leg -- as I'm still nervous as usual about running out of yarn. I'm working from a 100 gram skein, which is always enough for a pair of socks, but J does have big feet. I keep reminding myself that I never have a problem when I knit him his usual socks, and those have a leg that's 9" before you even start the heel flap (these aren't quite that high).

If, in theory, I was able to finish up the second sock by tomorrow night, these would be my fifth completed pair of socks for the month. Probably not going to happen -- oh, if only this year were a leap year and I could get one extra day!

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