Monday, June 18, 2007

What did I say?

Okay, so that last post got a resounding response. I'll shut up about that site now, I guess.

Knitting content! That I have for you. To begin, the first of J's gray ribbed socks, just now completed:

Very nice, and definitely much better on the foot; the ribbing makes this sock shrink up and look positively tiny when it's not being worn. You'll notice I'm not showing you the far end (i.e., the toe) of this sock and for a good reason -- J's foot is a good 3/4" longer than mine, so there's a funny piece of fabric hanging off the end of my foot.

The more interesting knitting going on these days is Aidan's sweater, which saw a lot of attention last night:

As you can see, I'm just about to the end of the first skein of yarn. It lasted a lot longer than I expected, and I anticipate the whole sweater might take me somewhere in the range of three skeins of the blue. I bought five, so that will leave me a couple skeins with which to make myself a pair of socks.

I'm in a little bit of a knitting funk these days and I'm not sure why. I think perhaps I've been knitting too many socks and need to change things up a bit. I'm feeling the need for a little lace -- Icarus Shawl, anyone? I have the yarn all ready for it.

A reminder: this Wednesday is the third one of the month, so the Hurricane Knitters will be meeting at the Waterworks Barnes & Noble. Please come and join us if you're in the area! The big question is, will he be there, or won't he?


  1. The ribbed sock looks great and so does the red sox sweater. I love your yarn for the Icarus Shawl -- go for it!

  2. He had BETTER be there. I can't say "or else" because I have nothing to back it up with. I guess it's an empty threat!

  3. Sorry ... I've been so busy/slammed/exhausted that I've heard about Ravelry but haven't even had time to figure out what the hell it is.

    Have a great time at KnitNight, and let's hope he shows! I'll be there for the July get-together!

    Going to sleep now ... I hope! :) a

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I vote for the Icarus shawl, too! Nora ( is working on one. Muy bonita! I will see you tomorrow!! I hope 40 Guy is there...otherwise, I'll think it's a myth...LOL

  5. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Sorry I didn't comment on your post about Ravelry; I guess I figured I've been whining on everyone else's posts and enough is enough. I can't wait to get my invite. I keep thinking maybe I did and accidently deleted it as junk. Hopefully, that's not the case :)

    The sock is beautiful and I absolutely love the sweater.

  6. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I love your blog, and I love Ravelry. I got my invite last week and have had so much fun navigating through it like a hyper-active kid who can't focus on any part of it for too long without wanting to see what else there is to see. Way to much fun.

  7. sorry I missed the Ravelry post...I'll have to look for you on there and add you as a friend :) that sweater looks like it will be adorable!