Monday, March 23, 2009

Mission Not Quite Accomplished

So, it was quite a weekend. I was up early on Saturday morning to buy my DVD at Target. I watched it for the first time as soon as I was done with my grocery shopping and breakfast. I was productive while watching, too, as I finished plying up my March All Spun Up Spinalong fiber.

It turned out just as I wanted it to. This is BFL, and my 4-ish ounces yielded approximately 340 yards of Navajo-plied fingering weight. I went for a chain ply instead of a traditional three ply because I wanted to maintain these gorgeous colors.

I think this was my favorite spinalong colorway yet, which is good, because I think it might be the last one for a while. I have quite a fiber stash built up, so I think it's about time I got around to spinning it (and saved some money for when I'm done with what I've got in the meantime).

During my second viewing of the movie on Sunday, this time with The Mister also watching (he liked it!), I decided to ply up the leftovers I'd been building up on one of my bobbins. Again, I N-plied these singles, and this time I wound up with approximately 108 yards of mostly fingering weight. I'd been planning on adding to the bobbin until it was completely full, but I only have four regular-size bobbins and I'd like to start spinning traditional three plies again, so that necessitated emptying the fourth bobbin.

This is quite a mix of fiber. There's a fair amount of ASU in here -- superfine merino leftover from this yarn and some merino/bamboo -- as well as some leftover singles of Sleepy Doormouse and Cape Cod. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this yarn. Any ideas?

Meanwhile, I did do a little bit of knitting over the weekend. Look, Mr. Foster's legs are connected!

I have a feeling he'll be taking shape much faster after tonight. You see, despite my goal of finishing all the Twilight books over the weekend, I didn't quite do it (I suspect watching the movie twice had something to do with it). I finished Eclipse late Saturday night/early Sunday morning and promptly started Breaking Dawn before turning in for the night. I have about 200 pages left, so, soon, this obsession will be over. I hope.


  1. Love that BFL - the colors are goergeous and you did a spectacular job plying! I never would've guessed that was handspun!

    Hmmm...with just over 100 yards, you could do a pair of fingerless mitts. Or maybe save and use it as the border for a hat?

  2. You are incredible. I can't believe how fine and evenly you spun that, and 3-ply fingering?? Gorgeous! Go you! My sister Maya, a knitter too, lives in Pburgh and she said she introduced herself. Maybe she can pass on your spinning wisdom to me. :)

  3. That's all looking good. Very impressive!

  4. I said it on Ravelry and I'll say it again here: That yarn is GORGEOUS!! :-)

    Some day I hope to be able so evenly, which seems to be the key to a nice N-ply.